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Tuesday, 5th February 2013 1:49pm by Laceylou

Hi does anyone have any experience of what Little Scribbles is like ?
My son is 4 and just missed out going to school last September.


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Happyshopper 3 years ago

My son who is 3, has been going there since he was 2 and loves it. The staff are lovely with the children.


Laceylou 3 years ago


Thanks for replying, we are going tomorrow for a look around .

hannah h

hannah h 3 years ago

LaceyLou, Hope your visit was good...
My son was happy at Scribblers. They are pretty small - 15 or so children which means its like a large extended family. The setting within a mini wood is lovely and the staff liked children!


Laceylou 3 years ago

Thank you that's great to know. Had to move visit to Friday as he's poorly. He used to attend Norland Nursery which is good but we felt more for younger children. Good here nice reviews.


Lor 3 years ago

My son is two and a half and loves going t Little Scribbers. I have found the staff to be really helpful and enthusistic and they always seem to do a great variety of things with the children. The children can also go outside as and when they want to which is nice. I would definately recommend the nursery.


Laceylou 3 years ago

Great thank you all

mummy of one

mummy of one 3 years ago

Hi Laceylou,
Have you thought about Apple Tree Day Nursery on Spring Lane? Its just round the corner from Little Scribblers and is just FAB! Lots of great reviews on here too! My daughter goes there and loves it! The staff are the just lovely too!

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