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Working full time..

22nd May 2016 by mrsamyp / updated by Naomi 6 hours ago

Those of you who work full time is there a trick to maintaining a normal life? I have a 3 year old and 14 month old. I can barely do... more

Lully Lady

Let's talk camping

24th May 2016 by Lully Lady / updated by DJB 7 hours ago

Fellow campers, I need your expertise. What campsites would you recommend close (ish) to Bath? We love the idea of shooting off after work on a Friday for the weekend,... more


Baby & toddler Monday AM Playgroup at Elim Church

22nd May 2016 by Sophia / updated by Sophia 7 hours ago

I recently moved to Bath and joined this playgroup with my two little boys and I really like it. It's on every Monday morning (term time) at 10-12 at Elim... more

Jessie Sky's Mum

Single Parent Team

18th May 2016 by Jessie Sky's Mum / updated by Jessie Sky's Mum 8 hours ago

I am new to Bath and wondering if there are any single parents nearby who would like to get together for meet ups and trips to the park and help... more


Trampoline advice

24th May 2016 by Ginplease

Hello, can anyone recommend a trampoline? I want to buy one for my two children aged 2 and 5, don't want to get the most expensive (unless it's really worth... more

Happy Camper

Swimming lessons over half term?

24th May 2016 by Happy Camper

Do you know of anyone offering swimming lessons (for a 4 amd 6 year old) over half term? more


Bath Dads?

24th May 2016 by BathDadLocal / updated by Bath_Dad1 9 hours ago

I joined today, I was recommended this site. Is there anything on here for Dads? Looking to expand friendship, not just for me, for my daughter too. more


Cranial osteopathy and trapped wind

17th Feb 2012 by GigiBee / updated by Luckymum 11 hours ago

Hi, I have a 7 month daughter who has been struggling to sleep for more than 3-4 hours at a time due to trapped wind. Friends have suggested cranial osteopathy... more


Home birth

17th May 2016 by Karambula / updated by Luckymum 11 hours ago

Hi ya. I am 33 weeks and having my first one at the end of June (!) I was hoping to go for a home birth using a birthing pool... more


Single Parents in Bath

4th Jan 2012 by BecM / updated by BathDadLocal 12 hours ago

Hi All Apologies if this topic has been covered before... I'm a single mum (and have been for a few years now) living in Bath. I thought I'd meet other... more

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